Patrina Herring, Owner

Hello, my name is, Patrina. I have  been an instructor for 4 years and I am certified in Primary Group Exercise through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  I took my Zumba class while serving in Taegu, Korea.  I was so lost and I couldn't figure out why the instructor would not yell out the routine.  I was curious about this format and determined to find out why the instructor did not talk.  I decided to take the instructor course  and I achieved my goal.  After the instructor course I was hooked and started teaching shortly after my class. 

Our studio is dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals while having fun.  I look forward to meeting you, having a great time and teaching you some very cool moves.  Stop by and join the party.

Megan Smith, Zumba Basic, Mixxedfit, and CIZE Instructor


Hello, my name is, Megan. I've been an instructor for 1 year. I decided to be an instructor so I could show people the love I have for Dance and Fitness.  Now I do what I love everyday and share the joy I have with other people while helping them reach their goals!

Melissa Hunter, Mixxedfit Instructor


Alysa Dealy, Zumba Basic Instructor


Hello! My name is Alysa Dealy and I love to dance! I’ve danced since I was a little girl. Dancing is a passion of mine. The first time I tried Zumba I was hooked. I bet you’ll be hooked too! I began teaching Zumba in 2014 and love it just as much now as I did then. It is fun, sweaty and challenging. It gets you in shape, releases stress and works out your muscles in a fun way! 



Kim Schoonover